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 Holistic Healing by Ashlinn Molloy

The word Holistic literally translates into ‘healing the mind, body and spirit’. So with all Holistic Therapies available you are not only working on muscle tension and physical ailments of the body but also relaxing the mind through various methods; including aromas, breathing and energy work all essentially allowing you to connect to yourself and spirit.

As I am 18 weeks into my pregnancy there are many beauty treatments and procedures that I cannot have.  This is very hard for me being a make-up artist, beauty junkie and obsessed with eternal youth!  Also due to quite a stressful work load and very sick in my early pregnancy I wanted a treatment that would relax my mind and my body!

Ashlinn Molloy has been trained as a Holistic Therapist since 2006 with her first experience of healing through the form of Reiki. Ashlinn has worked on many projects including victims of domestic violence, people with physical disabilities as well as severe arthritis and stroke victims.

I was delighted when Ashlinn invited me along for a special pregnancy massage called ‘Lomi Lomi’ this is a special hour long treatment. This helps to reduced swelling and oedema; the oils used help to prevent the appearance of those dreaded stretch marks. Above all this treatment relaxes Mummy and baby!

Ashlinn is very welcoming and put me at ease explaining what she was going to do. The atmosphere was truly lovely with scented candles burning and calming music playing. I drifted off to sleep a couple of times!  I left feeling relaxed, distressed and energised, my skin was radiant too.  I will be going back for more massages!!

I highly recommend a visit to Ashlinn, tell her Forever Fabulous sent you! xxx

Treatments by Ashlinn Molly:

Lomi Lomi pregnancy massage 60mins €45

Full Body Holistic Massage 60min for €50
Full Body Hot Stone Massage 60min for €45 (excluding face)

Hot Stone Facial 25min €20
Reiki 60min €45
Reflexology 45 min for €35
Face and Foot Treatment with hot and cold stones 30min for €30

Special Offers for the month of June/July

3 x 1 hour full body massage €100
3 x Reflexology sessions €80
Reflexology 75minuite  
Hot Stone massage 75minuite €50

Please ask at the time for any special offers available

Ashlinn is also running special a Reiki level 1 initiation workshop on the 28th and 29th June.
Learn how to read chakras and how to heal yourself and your friends. Contact Ashlinn for more information. 

Ashlinn is based in the Slainte Care Clinic, 13 Patrick’s Street, Dunlaoghaire, Co. Dublin.

p: 01 6639933



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