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Perfect Festival Hair  


Shauna Penney the Forever Fabulous hair specialist and owner of Head Hair Salon Dalkey, Co. Dublin tells us how to keep your hair festival ready!

 So let's talk festival hair!

 We all want the boho sexy look but in a clean way!  Unfortunately that's not always possible if you are sleeping in a tent!  So here are my top tips!

 1: If you can (which should be possible even in a tent) try to wash your fringe. It's amazing the difference this will make to the over all look

 2: Dry shampoo! dry shampoo! dry shampoo! Spray that mother all over your hair. Don't be shy using it and shake it to bits afterwards!

 3: Accessories are always good,  but remember you are not twelve years of age! So only use grown-up ones. No pig tails. Unless you really are twelve! Flower clips and flower hair bands look fabulous! (no nasty plastic ones though) Bandana's also work wonders while keeping you on trend!

- Claire's Accessories have some lovely festival head pieces in store right now!

 If all else fails the safe messy ponytail with a couple of flowers shoved in for good measure will also do the trick!

 Enjoy fabulous hair and the festival season!

 Love Shauna x

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