DIY Hair Colouring!

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DIY Hair Colouring!



Our lovely resident hair expert Shauna Penney tells us what she thinks of home hair colouring!

 To home colour or not to home colour? What to do?...Hmmmmm ... Nothing, DO NOT DO IT!

 A cheap box of hair colour, what a great idea! My hair will be fabulous and it will not cost me much. Then what happens? A few days later you go and pay the expert a few hundred quid to fix it!  Brilliant plan!

You see the thing is one box of home hair colour is universal, so say you have 30% ,40% or 75%. grey hair? How is that magic little box going to know this about your hair? Yup you guessed it, it doesn't!

But guess what we experts do... leave the magic to us!

 So the moral of this sorry hair tale is just get the expert to do it and I promise you will be happy!

Love for now, Shauna xxx

If you have any hair problems or questions for Shauna mail

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Dalkey, Co. Dublin

Ph: 01 2351884

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