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This week our hair expert Shauna Penney tells us why you should give your hairdresser a chance!

So today folks I shall be taking about consistency!
Why?? Because we all need it in our lives!
Why?? Because we do!

So let me explain:  Lady goes to hair expert likes hair but for some reason decides to go somewhere else,  cause lets say at a guess her friends go there too. She spends the next six months going to a load of other places but can't seem to get the same cut. Now I know some of you don't need me to explain this tale but just for fun I will!

We cannot do a great job normally with one go, if it's our first time laying our hands on your hair it's going to take maybe another cut/colour for us to get the feel of it.

So the moral of this tale is to stick with the expert for maybe just a little-bit and let the magic develop.

Shauna xxx

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