Have a Pearly White Christmas!

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Have a White Christmas!

 A few months ago I had my teeth whitened and I loved the effect! So as we are coming up to Christmas I decided it was time to have my teeth topped up again.  After all coffee, red wine, strong coloured food and smoking can discolour our teeth on a daily basis and it can be hard to keep them perfectly white!

I contacted Alan Osborne again who did my last treatment and we decided that he would come to my home to do the treatment.  Again Alan puts you at ease and explains all your options. I have very sensitive gums and need to be very careful when it comes to these treatments but as Alan does not use any peroxide in this treatment is completely safe and hygienic. Alan uses the Futura 2400 Machine that accelerates Whitening. 

After another very comprehensive consultation, I had three lots of treatment in the one appointment so 3 x 15 min sessions. It is very comfortable and pain free, which really surprised me as my normal treatment really stings.

The difference is unreal and unlike a lot of beauty treatments this gives instant results! Now you all know that I love instant results as I am very impatient when it comes to these things and so was delighted with my beautiful white teeth!  

teeth 2

Sorry my photo is not that good, I am having problems with my photo up loader, I hope that you can see the results! Alan also provided me with some extra treatments that I can use at home to top up my teeth in a few months time. Alan is fully qualified and insured and I highly recommend this treatment.

The Price....from as little as €50!

It is easy to be Forever Fabulous xxx

 Available During the day, Evenings and at Weekends

In your home, workplace or in Alan's home.

 m: 086 2736632


Fb page: Alan OSBORNE

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