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    Happy New Year to you all! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and ready to face 2014 with a new lease of life!

    Diets and weight loss are all HOT topics right now, we all over indulge over the Christmas period, me included! Lots of parties, alcohol and calorific treats everywhere we turn.

    Just before Christmas the lovely Carly Bailey who is the distributor for HERBALIFE South Dublin contacted me and asked if I would like to review their 3 day detox and weight-loss plan. HERBALIFE have put together a 3 day trail pack to show that healthy sustainable weight management can be simple, convenient and delicious.  All products have been developed with the help of leading nutritional experts, so whatever your goal is to lose weight or to maintain your ideal weight, HERBALIFE can help you.

    Now I always like to try and lose a couple of pounds just before Christmas, this way I never really pile on too much weight.  I decided to start the three-day plan the week before Christmas, especially because at this time of the year I find it very hard to fit the gym into my life.

    The plan consists of six meal replacement shakes and eight thermo complete tablets which are taken over the course of three days, along with a healthy meal each day.  Dinner can be made up of as many vegetables you like, grilled chicken, turkey or fish.  No processed foods allowed!

    In order for your body to detox and to aid the weight loss, I had to give up my daily large skinny lattes! This was my biggest challenge, I love my coffee and it is my daily treat! However I was allowed to have black coffee with no sugar in the morning instead if I had too.  The only snacking allowed during  the day was on fruit and I had to drink lots of water.  I was not to consume any savoury or chocolate items and to stay away from alcohol!

    To be honest I was dreading these three days and wondered if it was worth it! I decided to pick the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the week before Christmas to get started.

    Day one:

    I had to weigh myself and I never weight myself it just depresses me, I only go by how my clothes feel and I think this is a healthy mind-set as you can get obsessed by weight and the scales.  I am a size 10 but I needed to lose a couple of pounds as I had been missing my gym classes.  More importantly I wanted to feel healthier.

    Day one weigh in:  9 stone 9 pounds

    Take 1 x thermo tablet 30 mins before shake in the morning

    Replace breakfast with shake

    Replace lunch with shake

    Eat healthy dinner – I had turkey breast with carrots and broccoli.

    How I felt: I was not hungry at all, this surprised me,  I did however miss the act of actual eating! I also really missed my skinny latte but I did have a black coffee just to help me through this craving.  Lunch time came and I made my next shake, I was drinking vanilla flavour and they are actually really nice. Lunch time was hard, as making lunch and eating it does help the time pass by, so I did feel restless and I left the office and went for a walk instead.  I still did not feel hungry though.  When it came to dinner time I was never so glad to see vegetables in all my life  and they tasted amazing! I did find the evening hard to get through, I would sometimes have a glass of wine or a chocolate biscuit with some more coffee and I felt the evening dragged past, so for the first time in a long time, I went to bed early, no harm at all!

    Day two:

    Weigh in time! I was surprised to see that I had lost 3 pounds,  I was delighted with this and I have to say this motivated me a lot more and made day two very easy for me to get through.

    Day two weigh in:  9 stone 6 pounds.

    Take 1 x thermo tablet 30 mins before shake in the morning

    Replace breakfast with shake

    Take 2 x thermo tablets 30 mins before shake at lunch time

    Replace lunch with shake

    Eat healthy dinner – I had salmon fillet with roasted carrots and parsnips.

    How I felt: Day two was much easier, I did not feel hungry, I had more energy and I felt rested.  I did snack on an apple and orange during the day, I also have black coffee in the morning.  I still missed food and the office was also full of chocolates and this was murder!  That evening I did not feel as restless.

    Day three:

    Weigh in time! I was over the moon to see that I had lost another 4 pounds, really never expected that!  Total weight loss on day 3 was half a stone!  I was overjoyed, I felt lean and healthy!

    Day three weigh in:  9 stone 2 pounds

     1 x thermo tablet 30 mins before shake in the morning

    Replace breakfast with shake

    Take 2 x thermo tablets 30 mins before shake at lunch time

    Replace lunch with shake

    Eat healthy dinner – I had chicken breast  fillet with roasted carrots and parsnips.

    How I felt: Day three was great, I was buzzing and again I did not feel hungry and I had way more energy.  I was however really looking forward to the next morning and having my skinny latte again! I do feel I could have kept this routine up for a few more days.

    I did another weigh in on day four and my weight was the same 9 stone 2 pounds.  I did not and would not have expected more loss and this was normal for my body size, height and weight.

    I loved this three-day trial so much that I am going to start another next week and combine it with my kettlebells classes this time.  I would expect little weight loss maybe those couple of Christmas pounds but I think I will feel fit and healthy and that is my main aim.  My next challenge in February will be the 10 day detox plan!!

    If you want to kick-start you’re New Year, feel healthy, detox and maybe lose some weight then I cannot recommend HERBALIFE enough.  Carly is fantastic and will monitor your progress and give all the advice and support that you need.

    Love Rachel, stay fabulous xxx

    For more information on HERBALIFE and full list of programmes to suit you please contact Carly Baily.


    M: 087 339 3770