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  1. Bridal Make-Up Tips!

     As a professional makeup artist the biggest part of my work is bridal makeup. One of the biggest parts of your wedding day is how you and your bridal party look. This is the one day that everyone is looking at you! Also remember all the photographs and the fact that you will be looking back at the photos and how you look for years to come.  Lots of brides do not think about their makeup and leave it to the last-minute to book an artist or decide to do their own makeup. Here are my top tips for bridal makeup!

    Book a makeup trial!

     Many brides decide not to book a trial before their big day.  Remember every makeup artist is different and have their own unique style, if you are not happy with your makeup the day of your wedding it is a bit late to change your mind! Booking a makeup trial at least six months before your big day gives you the chance to create the perfect look for you and if you are not happy with the makeup artist you have time to look for another one. Your makeup artist should go though all your expectations for your look and guide you towards a look that suits you, your colour and theme of the day. I suggest saving images of different makeup looks that you love, create a pinterest folder of all your favourite looks and show them to your makeup artist.

    Changing your normal makeup look!

     Your wedding day is not the time to try our new makeup looks and change how you look completely.  Brides should look like themselves with all features enhanced to create an even more beautiful version of yourself,  if you do not wear dark eye shadow and heavy eye liner your big day is not the time to start.  If you want to turn your day look into a sexier night-time makeup look ask your makeup artist to show you how to do this.  Adding a simple red lip and darker smokier eye for the evening reception is very easy and can turn your look from day to-night.

    False Eyelashes

    If you are not used to wearing a full set of strip eyelashes, it is probably best not to try on your wedding day.  Trying out the day of your trial is a great way to see if you are comfortable and happy with how they make you look.  False lashes can transform your look completely.  Lot of brides opt for individual lashes, these create a natural pretty look and do not cause any discomfort.

    Applying too much highlighter

    Highlighter can be very deceiving and you may not notice how much you have applied until you see a photograph of yourself.  Highlighter reflects light and can look very shiny in natural sunlight. Every bride wants that beautiful glow! Only apply highlighter to cheekbones, bridge of your noise inner corner of your eyes. Mixing a small bit of liquid highlighter with your foundation can create a nice natural glow too. Stay away from applying to your forehead and upper lip or you will look oily and sweaty!

    Too much blusher!

    This is not the day to look like aunt sally! Bridal blush should be natural and healthy looking. Like pinks and corals are lovely, make sure to shake the excess product off your brush before applying.



    Use a primer

    Primer will make your makeup stay all day and helps to smooth the surface of the skin and make it a perfect base for your foundation. A little goes a long way, pay more attention to your T-zone.

    Primer will make your makeup stay all day and helps to smooth the surface of the skin and make it a perfect base for your foundation. A little goes a long way, pay more attention to your T-zone.


    Make sure you book in for your eyebrow treatments like HD Brows, threading and waxing a good week before the big day, this gives your skin time to settle down and any reactions to clear up.  You should start thinking about your eyebrow maintenance a good six months before the big day and get them in tip-top perfect shape.  Stay away from penciling brows and opt for natural powers, they are less harsh. If you have fair hair having brows tinted is a great way to enhance them. Again eyebrows should complement and frame your face not be the main feature!

     Spray Tan

    This is a mine field! Your whole body needs to get preened and prepped not just your face.Make sure to select a natural tan and not the colour you  may go for on a night out.  Remember tan looks much darker against white and pale coloured dresses. You should also have a practice run with your spray tan too.  Remember to exfoliate your body at least twice a week and use a really good body moisturiser paying special attention to elbows, knees, hands, feet and any dry areas you may have. 

    I would recommend going for a series of body polishing treatments in your favourite salon.  I would also stay clear of spraying your face, if this goes wrong it can look terrible. Your makeup artist can make sure your face matches your body! Ask your tanning specialist to spray a very light layer on hands and feet, you do not want to look like a mud monkey!!


    Put together a touch-up kit for the day!  

    This is something so many brides forget on their big day.  Your face needs to stay picture perfect for hours and long into the night.  Putting together a basic touch-up kit and asking your bridesmaid's to mind this is a good idea.  You will need: Your Lipstick, pencil and gloss, eyeliner, cotton buds, loose power or pressed compact power as the main basics of this kit.


    Make sure you use waterproof mascara and eyeliner, you may cry a lot! You should not have to worry about smudgy running black eyes! Carry a compact mirror in your clutch or makeup touch-up kit.

    Bridesmaid Makeup

    You need to stand out, after all this is your big day!  Your bridesmaids should not have the same makeup look as you and not look a lot more dramatic.


    If you opt for a bold lipstick look remember that this will need to be maintained all day, even the best lipsticks on the market looses staying power and you will be kissing and hugging lots of people all day.  Be ready to check lips lots and carry your lipstick kit with you.  Another option is to go for a nice bold lip stain for the church and then change to a bold colour later in the day.


    Your wedding day is the one day you should not wear an SPF on your face. This can cause shiny oily look.  I would even stay clear of foundations with SPF included.

    Practice makes perfect!

    If you are going to create your own look remember to practice on the run up to the big day, making sure you have it down to a fine art!

    I hope these tips help and if you would like more information or would like to find out about booking your bridal trial with me, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

     Stay Fabulous! Rachel xxx


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  2. Perfect Festival Hair  


    Shauna Penney the Forever Fabulous hair specialist and owner of Head Hair Salon Dalkey, Co. Dublin tells us how to keep your hair festival ready!

     So let's talk festival hair!

     We all want the boho sexy look but in a clean way!  Unfortunately that's not always possible if you are sleeping in a tent!  So here are my top tips!

     1: If you can (which should be possible even in a tent) try to wash your fringe. It's amazing the difference this will make to the over all look

     2: Dry shampoo! dry shampoo! dry shampoo! Spray that mother all over your hair. Don't be shy using it and shake it to bits afterwards!

     3: Accessories are always good,  but remember you are not twelve years of age! So only use grown-up ones. No pig tails. Unless you really are twelve! Flower clips and flower hair bands look fabulous! (no nasty plastic ones though) Bandana's also work wonders while keeping you on trend!

    - Claire's Accessories have some lovely festival head pieces in store right now!

     If all else fails the safe messy ponytail with a couple of flowers shoved in for good measure will also do the trick!

     Enjoy fabulous hair and the festival season!

     Love Shauna x

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