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  1. This week our hair expert Shauna Penney tells us why you should give your hairdresser a chance!

    So today folks I shall be taking about consistency!
    Why?? Because we all need it in our lives!
    Why?? Because we do!

    So let me explain:  Lady goes to hair expert likes hair but for some reason decides to go somewhere else,  cause lets say at a guess her friends go there too. She spends the next six months going to a load of other places but can't seem to get the same cut. Now I know some of you don't need me to explain this tale but just for fun I will!

    We cannot do a great job normally with one go, if it's our first time laying our hands on your hair it's going to take maybe another cut/colour for us to get the feel of it.

    So the moral of this tale is to stick with the expert for maybe just a little-bit and let the magic develop.

    Shauna xxx

    If you have any hair problems or questions for Shauna mail

    Shauna Penney owner Hair Head Salon


    Co. Dublin

    ph: 01 2351884

    fb: HeadDalkey

    t: @ShaunaHair  


    Clare Dolan Intern

    Firstly I would like to introduce you all to the new Forever Fabulous Intern: Clare Dolan.Clare is a Transition Year student at Holy Child Secondary School, Killiney, Co. Dublin.

    Clare is very interested in makeup and the industry and wants to learn more, she will be assisting myself and the Pro Team on our various makeup jobs and photo-shoots over the coming year as part of her work experience.  Clare will also be reviewing some of her favourite products.

    I am delighted to have Clare as part of the Forever Fabulous team and look forward to sharing her blog posts and experiences over the next few months.

     Revlon Colorstay 24hr Foundation

    My favourite foundation at the moment proves you don’t need a big budget to achieve a flawless airbrushed look. It is the well-known Revlon Colorstay 24hrs Foundation.

    There are two types of this foundation. One is for combination/oily skin and the other is for normal/dry skin. It is very long lasting and has a large colour selection with a very affordable price of just €17.79. Although I have normal to dry skin, I use the combination to oily skin. It has more of a yellow undertone which suits my skin better than the normal to dry skin which has red undertones.

    Using a beauty blender or buff brush I blend it well into my skin, leaving a streak-free airbrushed look.

     I would highly recommend this product to people who want a medium to full coverage foundation.

    Love Clare x

    If you have any questions for Clare mail: