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  1. Biofresh Skincare

    Rachel asked me to review some of Biofresh Skincare’s beautiful products, this was actually very exciting as normally I can only afford Tesco Finest Range, so to have some decent products in my hands was quite a thrill.

     Biofresh proud themselves on natural beauty and are committed to enhancing your most beautiful self though the power of nature.  Biofresh only stock products that hydrate, protect and nourish your skin to revel its natural beauty. All products are made with naturally active ingredients and proven formulations. Mineral makeup which makes your skin glow with natural vibrancy! Above all these products are 100% natural and not tested on animals!

     I was given ‘Yoghurt of Bulgaria’ probiotic day cream (collagen expert), and some of their Bellapierre mineral makeup range – Bellapierre's 5-in-1 mineral foundation and Bellapierre's mineral face & body bronzer.

    After cleansing my face, I moisturised with the probiotic day cream made with only natural ingredients to boost skin cell renewal and rejuvenate the skin, and they've added healthy bacteria to combat unwanted skin bacteria that can cause break-outs. Anyway, it seems a great idea but was hard to say how well it worked as it would take a number of uses to properly assess, but it certainly felt very pleasant on my skin and was absorbed very easily.

     This is just after I applied the moisturiser!Naomi before

    The Bellapierre mineral foundation was a very fine powder containing four minerals said to be kind, gentle, protective and nurturing for the skin, and I loved that it works as a concealer, SPF, finishing powder and setting powder, so although to me it was a bit more expensive than my usual foundation, it was a product that did it all, so actually is pretty good value.

    My one real problem is that I have pale skin, and the sample shade was ‘Cinnamon’, which was a bit too dark for me, but I'm sure would suit others well. Fine to use if I wanted to fake tan before clubbing or going to Wes, but in contrast to my skin tone, I think I would have been better with ‘Ivory’ for everyday wear. It's good to know they do a wide range of shades though. Not to worry, I still gave it a go!

    To use the foundation, I tapped a small amount of powder into the lid of the pot, and using my sister's expensive and rather wonderful flat headed buffer brush, picked up a tiny bit, tapped off the excess and made small circular movements over my face, picking up more foundation as I needed to layer the look. It went on remarkably well and felt great. I kept applying layers of foundation over problem areas, like the odd spot or blotchy patch, until I was happy with the cover.

    While applying the mineral foundation!

    Naomi applying mineral foundationNaomi after foundation                                                                           

    My skin actually felt reallysmooth afterwards, but probably the best bit for me was that my cheeks didn't look like they had dry skin at all. This has been happening to me a lot recently with my usual liquid foundation, but didn't with this mineral foundation. I think it's because my normal cheaper foundation probably contains things like talc, oils, synthetic preservative and dyes, which can lead to break-outs, but this Bellapierre foundation doesn't and it also has completely natural ingredients, which they say allows my skin to breathe, I could barely feel it on my face!

    I think it would be very good for teens or anyone with problems like spots, red patches or dry skin, as it covered extremely well with a little build up, but still looked very natural… despite the shade! Also because it doesn't damage the skin it means you can leave it on overnight and it will be fine (not that I am saying you should do that!).

    I also love the fact it is waterproof and has a good SPF, so important for my pale skin with the good weather coming!

    Moving on to the bronzer, I used the shade ‘Starshine’, and using another of my sister's wonderful round tip brushes, I tapped the powder into the lid, and gently brushed it on my forehead, under the cheekbones, and a small amount on my chin and the tip of my nose to shade my face.

    Well this bronzer felt as good as the foundation, which was a very pleasant surprise as in the past I've found bronzers a bit drying or hard to apply. It's described by Bellapierre as an “award-winning silky-smooth powder”, and honestly, it was. For someone prone to occasional dry patches, it really did make them feel better and seemingly disappear. And you can use it on your legs, or anywhere else you want to tan too!

    After I applied the mineral bronzer:

    after bronzer

    To finish the look, I did a little eye make-up using ‘Extra Super Lash mascara’ by Rimmel London, Rimmel London eyebrow pencil in ‘002 hazel’, and an amazing black eyeliner on my waterline by Urban Decay.

    So, have a look at my before and after photos and see what you think! I must say I was impressed. The day cream was lovely, and both the foundation and bronzer went on very well, made my skin feel great, and covered blemishes completely. They are now on my Christmas list (along with some decent brushes) – such a shame it is months away!

    Naomi beforen completed look

    Rachel from Forever Fabulous also wanted to try the foundation and bronzer for you all and put them to the test and show you what it is like on someone in their 30s! Rachel loves Biofresh products and uses the skincare range regularly, she also loves the fact that the mineral range does not cause the skin to dry and loved the ease of application.  These products are now a firm fixture in Rachel’s professional makeup kit and she uses them on young, mature and problem skins, also fabulous on brides. The Bellapierre range of mineral cosmetics is universal for all ages and skins and that is what makes this natural brand so special!

     This was taken just after the gym, Rachel wanted you to see that these products work wonders!

    Rachel BiofreshLets us know what you think!


    Lots of love Naomi x


    Biofresh Special Offers:


    - Purchase the Day, Night and Eye range for €55


    - Free makeup application in store when you spend over €30


    - Professional makeup artists can apply for 25% discount


    Shop online for more offers!  


    Checkout the full Biofresh range at:


    Biofresh Skincare


    41 Peter Street, Drogheda, Co. Louth

    p: 041 9872860

    59 Main Street, Swords, Co. Dublin


     p: 01-8406698



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  2. cat blog photo

    Home Dying Your Hair: What NOT to do!!

    Now, if you’re like me (16), you do not like paying a hairdresser vast amounts of money to do your hair, you’d much rather get a few cheap things from the chemist and give it a go... but a lot of the time it can turn into a hair horror story!!

    I know there’s been warnings about this already from our hair expert Shauna, but I’m here to give you the inside story of what the aftermath is like.

    So, a few years ago I’d dyed my hair dark brown... and then red... and then dark purple... and then just all out black! Then one day, I decided I wanted to go blonde, like bleach blonde!! So I stripped my hair not once, but THREE times!! Okay, the first two times I bleached it I had to go to a good hairdresser and try to put it right!

    Naomi hair orange

    After the second visit to the hairdresser I did come back blonder, but that wasn’t enough for me, so I bleached the whole thing again at home, and got it near white. Then the obvious thing to do then of course was dye it blue and then green! And bleach out the purple and go all blue!

    Naomi blue hair hair green

    I can tell you I absolutely ADORED having colourful hair, but here is when my story takes a turn for the worst.

    School was coming up and my hair was still bright blue. No amount of scrubbing it in the shower with Head & Shoulders shampoo (the internet said this would work!) would get it out tip: don’t leave the colour in for hours when it says 20 minutes because you want it to last all summer even when it it says semi-permanent! In my mind, pretty much my only option at that point was to bleach it out… again. That is if I didn’t want to get suspended from school or worse!!

    So, I put in the bleach and waited.

    The result was straw like hair with the ends breaking off if I even touched them... and my hair wasn’t even blonde!!  It was a rather delicious shade of turquoise! My hair felt disgusting for months after that, it was frizzy, dead and completely fried. I bought every product based on hot oil treatments, or Argan oil shampoos and conditioners, but even with all that it took months and months to get my hair healthy again, even now two years later my ends are still split! Even though the hairdresser told me I have VERY strong hair, I would hate to imagine how it would’ve gone if I had fine hair.

    Now I’d have to say some of the best treatments that worked well were: ‘Schwarzkopf Got2b Oil-licious’ with (yes, you guessed it) Argan Oil! And also something I got from Penneys, 'Argan Oil from Morocco with added Keratin', which has worked wonders!

    hair now (2)

    So my advice? Know what you’re getting yourself into. If you’re going to home dye your hair, be prepared for possible uneven colouring, and your hair half falling out!! HAVE A BACK-UP PLAN, I would not suggest going through with it unless you’re prepared for the likelihood of paying someone who knows what they’re doing to fix it!

    Eventually I did get back to blonde, but I still have hints of pink from last summer!

    Lots of love Naomi x

    If you have any questions for Naomi please mail us on

    Hair Products used

    Quickblue bleach by L’Oreal

    30 volume Developer by L’Oreal

    Semi-Permanent colours by Directions